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Enjoy a Comfortable Home with Superior Heating and Cooling in Parkville, MO

There are a variety of ways to heat and cool a home, but one of the most common is the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. This appliance uses multiple cabinets for housing a condenser system and air exchanger. For the system to function properly, the Schomburg Heating & Cooling Inc. expert of heating and cooling in Parkville, MO will place the condensing unit outdoors so it can quickly disperse heat, and the air exchange and furnace in some interior location, typically an attic or custom closet. The attic tends to be the location of choice, because it simplifies the work required for placing the air ducts. Plus, placing the unit there can reduce the amount of time the air is in those ducts, since they tend to be shorter when placed in the attic. This is mostly because they require less space for this type of installation compared to any other.

If installing air ducts is a problem, the property owner may want to consider a high-velocity appliance. The primary difference is the speed with which air is cycled through the home. A high-velocity appliance uses small delivery pipes, approximately two inches in diameter. This makes it easy for them to fit into the walls with very little demolition. Their size is actually designed to allow for easy placement without huge air ducts getting in the homeowner’s way. Plus, most high-velocity units have small return vents, which further reduce the damage that installation can cause to the home.

Alternately, the homeowner can gain a bit of control by opting for the split or ductless method of heating and cooling in Parkville, MO. This appliance also uses an external condenser, but this condenser can supply up to eight blower units. This means that the homeowner has better control over various areas of the home and how much energy is used to treat the air. In fact, one of its best advantages is the ability to set other areas to use less energy while remaining comfortable in another space. One possible drawback to this appliance is the three-inch hole that will be needed to run the coolant pipes into the home. Contact the experts for further details.