3 Reasons To Book An Annual Heating Tune-Up

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Most homeowners rarely think of their HVAC system unless it is no longer working correctly or if the system suddenly and unexpected fails. Unfortunately, many of the systems that fail have not had a regular air conditioning and heating tune-up that may have discovered the problem and prevented a costly emergency repair or replacement bill.

It is important to realize that any AC or heating tune-up becomes more important as the system ages. Most traditional types of furnaces will last about 15 years, about 10-12 years for a heat pump and an air conditioner can last between 15 to 20 years. Remember, a heat pump provides both heat and AC systems, so it is used literally around the clock throughout the year.


Almost all new HVAC system components will require an annual check-up or maintenance visit by a licensed and approved HVAC service contractor. Without this cooling and heating tune-up the warranty may be invalidated.

Most companies offering this tune-up or maintenance service will sell a package that is very low cost and ensures your scheduled appointments keep the warranty in effect.

Safety for the Family

With any type of furnace system, there is always a risk of wiring problems, gas line problems, valves that are not correctly functioning or even venting and duct problems.

With an annual maintenance check, these systems within the HVAC system will all be verified in good working condition, reducing the risk of any type of fire or safety issues for the family.

Cost Savings

Routine maintenance on any type of device from your vehicle to your furnace is going to end up saving you money over the short and long term. With routine maintenance, the system will run more efficiently, saving you with operational costs and ensuring you have even heating and cooling in the home all year round.

Talk to your HVAC service about the maintenance plans they offer. These are certainly well worth the investment to maximize the life of the system.

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