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4 Reasons To Consider An Air Conditioning Replacement In Maple Grove

For a home to remain comfortable on a hot summer day, the air conditioning system needs to be up and running efficiently. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems don’t last forever. There will come a time when the unit needs to be replaced. It can be difficult for many homeowners to know whether they should have the unit repaired or if they need to contact a professional for Air Conditioning Replacement in Maple Grove. There are a few reasons why the homeowner should consider replacing their unit rather than repairing it.

Greater Efficiency

If the homeowner has an older unit, there is a good chance it is not as energy efficient as it could be. Older units use more energy to keep it cool in the home. The modern systems are energy efficient, which will save the homeowner money. Also, the homeowner can take advantage of tax breaks offered by the government when they install an Energy Star energy-efficient unit.

More Options

Newer air conditioning units have more options than older units. For example, newer systems have programmable thermostats, allowing the homeowner to automatically reset the temperature at different times of the day. There are some models that allow the homeowner to turn the unit on and off and even change the temperature remotely using a smartphone. Newer models are also quieter than the older models.

Fewer Breakdowns

If the homeowner is experiencing frequent air conditioning breakdowns, they should consider replacing the unit. When the old unit is removed, the problems will be removed along with it.

The Current Unit Uses R-22 Freon

If the homeowner’s current air conditioner uses R-22 Freon, they should consider replacing it. This is because this type of Freon is being phased out due to its damaging effects on the ozone layer. If the homeowner has a leak or if the Freon level is low in the future, it will be very expensive and possibly impossible to have the Freon refilled. Installing a new unit now is a good idea.

If a homeowner is trying to determine whether they should repair their current air conditioner or go with an Air Conditioning Replacement in Maple Grove, they should consider the tips listed above. For more information, contact Sabre Heating & Air Conditioning or Visit the website.