5 Common Signs That You Need to Replace Your AC Unit

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Heating contractor

Problems with air conditioning often seem to come at the most inopportune times. The malfunctioning or aging AC system can be very inconvenient, especially on hot days. To avoid this, here are 10 indicators that your air conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced.

Moisture Buildup

All AC units will produce moisture to some level. However, those that are properly working should be able to manage it without trouble. If there is moisture or leaking around the air conditioner, you may be dealing with a refrigerant leak. This will not only cause the system to underperform, but it will also endanger your and your family’s health. Although water may seem harmless, allowing the situation to remain unattended might create a favorable breeding environment for mold. You need to call a HVAC contractor in South Jersey for immediate replacement.

The Air Flow Isn’t Very Good

Perhaps you’re receiving cold air throughout your house, but your air conditioner isn’t blowing it out like it used to. This might indicate a variety of difficulties, including problems with your air conditioner’s compressor or damaged/blocked vents. While it is feasible to have a professional handle these repairs, they may be rather costly depending on the age of your system and the depth of the problem. When the expenditures become too expensive, you may want to consider purchasing a new air conditioner.

Strange Noises

Have you noticed that your air conditioner is making more noise than it used to? Strange noises such as squeaking, grinding, or chattering are never natural and should not be interpreted as a symptom of age. Most air conditioners are designed to work at a barely audible level of noise, so if your cooling system is attracting attention to itself, it’s time to contact a HVAC contractor in South Jersey to replace it.

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