AC Repair: Everything’s Cool Again

by | Nov 1, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

Air conditioning units are available in a number of sizes, shapes, brands, and types. It can be one component of an HVAC system or be a separate entity. You can have a window or a sits on the floor and is easily moved around according to demand. However, no matter what the form or format it takes, problems can occur. When this happens, when you want your home to be cool again, you call in an AC repair technician.

Four Common Problems Affecting AC Units

When it comes to functioning efficiently and effectively, it is up to owners and operators to ensure the AC is properly maintained. However, even the best cared for units can be affected by a major problem. In homes and businesses all across

1. Inadequate Maintenance: In many instances, the maintenance done is not adequate. The unit that fails to work properly because of such things as dirty and clogged, coils, and filters. This is a major reason for AC repair.

2. Leaking Refrigerant: It is important to find the cause and repair it before topping the unit with the right amount and kind of refrigerant

3. Compressor and Fan Controls Fail: If for whatever reason, the controls for the fan and the compressor fail, such things as the electrical contacts and connections require close examination by a professional

4. Sensor Problems: A thermostat sensor can fail to function properly if knocked out of its designated position. This requires an adjustment or replacement

When it comes to repair work, licensed technicians always bring the right tools.

AC Repair: Everything’s Cool Again

With AC, as it is for anything mechanical, it is always important to find a company capable of addressing the issues. Choose a reliable, reputable AC repair company – one whose advice you intend to follow. Otherwise, the occupants of your home or enterprise in McDonough GA are going to find themselves in an uncomfortable or very uncomfortable situation.

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