Central AC Services in Oklahoma City, OK Are Expected by Area Residents

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

After people travel to a warm part of the world where most residences and lodging establishments don’t have air conditioning, they’re grateful when they arrive home and can turn on the central air. They’re glad that AC services in Oklahoma City, OK are available to install central air units, and to maintain and repair that equipment.

Weather in Various Countries

It’s not so bad when travelers head to Canada in the summertime, or even to the northwest coast of the United States. It’s relatively common for people to do without air conditioning in those places since hot days are few and far between. Some countries, however, while known for clouds and chilly air, also experience many warm, muggy days.

England is a primary example. It’s not always easy to find an air-conditioned inn or hotel in certain parts of that country unless the building is relatively new. In fact, fewer than 1 percent of homes in the United Kingdom have central air, according to the BBC News website. And many countries that are characterized by hot, humid weather have a very low percentage of central air conditioning in the buildings. Examples include Indonesia and Brazil.

What Oklahoma Residents Expect

Oklahoma residents expect places in their part of the world to have central air installed by a contractor such as Drabek & Hill. It’s hot there in the summer, and nobody can dispute that. The average high temperature in July is 94 degrees Fahrenheit, and the mercury commonly climbs higher than that. Nighttime temperatures often don’t drop further than the 70s in July and August, making sleep uncomfortable without an air-conditioned home.

Relevant Statistics About Air Conditioning

It’s true that people lived for centuries without AC services in Oklahoma City, OK, with the city first settled by pioneers in 1889 and Native Americans have lived in the region long before that. Nevertheless, Oklahoma residents don’t want to live without air conditioning in the 21st Century. Statistics aren’t readily available for Oklahoma in particular, but 91 percent of homes in the Midwest have some form of air conditioning. See our website for information on one particular contractor.

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