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Charging at Home: Things You Need to Know About Powering Up Your EV

You’ve got a new electric vehicle and are ready to live a life without worrying about gas prices, but do you know everything about charging at home? The following should make things easier.

Is the Wiring Updated?

One thing you should find out before you even think about EV charger installation in Baton Rouge is if your wiring is updated. Talk to an electrician to see if your home passes the test. Tell this person you’re going to install a charging station for your EV so that he or she can make sure you’re ready.

Do You Have Off-Peak Prices?

You should find out if your electric company offers off-peak electricity prices. Most of the time, these are offered overnight when most people aren’t using electricity. If you are lucky enough to get a discount, then make sure your vehicle is charged during those times so that your electric bill doesn’t go up higher than it needs to.

What Kind of Charger are You Using?

You need to decide what you’ll be using to charge your vehicle. If you want fast charging, such as charging in three hours, then you want EV charger installation in Baton Rouge. If you’re okay waiting 24 hours to have your vehicle charged up, then plugging up your vehicle to your home should be more than enough. If you are going to be using a regular plug at home, then make sure you aren’t connecting to a plug that’s running other high-performance appliances like a washing machine.

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