Colder Weather Creates a Need for Heating Services in Baltimore County, MD

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The winter season is not over just yet. Colder weather is causing people to need more frequent Heating Services in Baltimore County, MD. They can prevent the emergency failure of the furnace by having the units inspected and serviced before the cold weather season. What are some problems residents in Baltimore County are experiencing this winter?

The Furnace is Not Blowing Enough Heat

There are a few scenarios that could be causing the heat not to blow as hot or as frequently as it should. The air filter could be dirty. This should be changed frequently to avoid it clogging and also to keep allergens out of the air. Another cause could be leaking air ducts. Air cannot circulate properly if there are leaks in the ducts. This can also cause the air to not flow evenly.

The Furnace is Making Loud Noises

Loud noises coming from the furnace could be a sign of a mechanical problem. This could also mean there is a clogged burner. EIther of these situations should be handled by an HVAC contractor.

The Blower Will Not Turn Off

There is a switch that shuts the blower in the unit off. The switch possibly needs to be replaced if the unit will not turn off.

The Unit Will Not Turn On

If the furnace does not turn on, there are several things to check. The pilot light could have gone out. The thermostat could need new batteries. The filter could be clogged. There could be a frozen pipe. All of these can be checked out by a homeowner before calling the technician. Click here to know more.

The Furnace Filter is Clogged

When the furnace filter gets clogged, the flowing of air becomes more difficult and uneven. The heat will not circulate through the home as it normally would. The filter should be cleaned or replaced immediately to avoid further damage.

Heating Services in Baltimore County, MD are available and can be scheduled by Maryland Heating & Air as soon as it is needed. This company can also help with servicing the HVAC unit for the upcoming warmer weather. This will ensure you are ready for the summer and the unit is ready to cool.

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