Details About A Heater Installation in Austin TX

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Heating contractor

In Texas, property owners must install a new heating system when their existing system fails to operate. A professional installation ensures that the system will operate as expected and won’t present any risk to the owner. It also ensures that the new system is covered under warranty. A local contractor can perform a Heater Installation in Austin TX by following a few specific steps.

Start with the Air Handler

The air handler is installed in a basement in most cases. The handler is positioned away from the walls and at an angle to allow the condenser drain to drain appropriately. Typically the handler is offered as a kit with more specific instructions from the manufacturer. Once it is installed, the tubing is connected to the air handler. The tubing must run through the vent to allow it to reach the exterior of the property.

Installing the Thermostat

Before any electrical work is performed, all power sources must be shut down completely. This lowers the risk of electric shock. The first component to install is the thermostat. Holes are drilled into the wall. The thermostat is connected to the wall with the screws that are installed into these holes. The final step is to wire the thermostat into the main wiring system.

Connecting the Gas Lines

The contractor will connect the gas lines according to the manufacturer’s specifications. They must shut down the gas to the property before starting the process. The lines must run from the city gas lines or the propane tank used by the property owner. The contractor must ensure that these lines don’t possess any leaks. Once the lines are installed, the contractor turns the power back on and light the pilot light. The entire installation is tested to ensure compliance with standards.

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