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Enjoy a Comfortable Home With Expert HVAC Service in Bryn Mawr

There are many reasons that a homeowner might consider air conditioning service and repair, but the most common is routine maintenance for the HVAC (heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. That is, the technician will come out and perform a number of maintenance procedures so the system will operate more efficiently. The first steps for quality Hvac Service in Bryn Mawr usually involve cleaning because an HVAC circulates a lot of air and most filter systems have problems keeping all the dirt outside of the air exchange. This can cause a number of problems, but the worst is the accumulation of gunk on the evaporator coil. This gradually reduces the efficiency of the system and requires special care when removing the coil for cleaning. To eliminate this concern, the technician will wash the coil in an acid bath.

Another area where HVAC Service in Bryn Mawr is important is the condenser unit. This series of components include the external coil and fan that releases any collected heat, an electric motor and the compressor. This system can endure a lot of stress because it is repeatedly compressing the chemical refrigerant. The purpose of this is to force the refrigerant into a state change so it can collect heat from around the interior coil. To ensure the equipment is properly lubricated, the refrigerant includes specific chemicals that coat the inside of the compressor. This portion of the AC system can have a variety of problems from simple electronic component failure to a burnt out fan or condenser. It may not be apparent to every HVAC owner, but this fan is a critical part of the system and must function properly or the heat cannot be removed correctly.

Perhaps the most important reason to consider HVAC service and repair is to extend the life of the HVAC. One reason for this is the high cost of replacement systems. The average HVAC system should last at least twelve to fifteen years before the homeowner needs to consider replacement. A professionally serviced system can last even longer and still perform efficiently. This is important because using an old and inefficient system can waste a lot of energy. Visit website and learn more about HVAC installation, maintenance and repair.