Facilities that Benefit from a Portable Air Cooler

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Heating and Air Conditioning

As a facilities manager, you are responsible for ensuring the comfort and safety of your building. You especially are relied upon to keep the internal temperature at a safe and cool range to work in during the summertime. To keep everyone in the building cool and safe during the hottest of summer weather, you can invest in a portable air cooler that is built for a variety of different facilities.


Factories can be especially challenging to work in during the summer because of how hot it can get inside of these facilities. The machinery and appliances used in the factory can cause the temperature to rise. The heat from these fixtures combines with the humidity and heat from the outdoors to create dangerous working conditions.

To lower the indoor temperature to a safe and reasonable level, you can use a portable AC unit. You can place this unit strategically to combat the heat from machinery and appliances. You can also keep the most at-risk of workers safe from heatstroke and heat sickness.


Warehouses also can be stuffy and hot during the summer. Their expansive size makes it difficult to keep an area cool enough. To ensure that cold air circulates throughout the warehouse, you can use one of these portable cooling units.

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