Factors to Consider About Central Air Installation From Contractors Providing Service for Heating And Cooling in Appleton WI

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Homeowners may have an ongoing consideration about whether they should have a central air unit installed to replace the old window unit. If they plan on having the furnace replaced in the near future, they understand that this is the best time to have central air installed too. Contractors for Heating And Cooling in Appleton WI charge less when both jobs are done during the same appointment than if they do the work in two separate projects.

Local Climate

One aspect to think about is location in regard to climate. Some experts provide maps showing the regions they feel definitely benefit from central air versus areas where it isn’t really necessary. The upper tier of states is on the list of those that don’t really need it, and so are some of the more mountainous regions of the West.

Residents may not agree. In Wisconsin, for instance, summers can be quite warm, with many days seeing temperatures well into the 80s and sometimes into the 90s. Central air units installed by technicians who provide service for Heating And Cooling in Appleton WI send cool air throughout the home, reaching bedrooms at other ends of the house and upstairs too. A window unit cannot accomplish this.

Climate Control

A window air conditioner generally provides more climate control than people would think. A model installed in a living room window may be able to lower the temperature in much of the lower floor if the house isn’t very big. Of course, bedroom doors would have to stay open all night to take advantage of the cool air. Another unit would be required for the upstairs.


A central air system will typically use less electricity than two window units while providing more consistent climate control throughout the house. It also may use less electricity than one unit because it doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the whole house cool.

Central air units do cost more up front even though they are generally cheaper to run and provide more effective comfort. Estimates can be obtained from contractors like Bob’s Quality Heating & Cooling. Visit us for contact information.

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