FAQs About Heat Pumps In Fort Wayne IN

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In Indiana, homeowners evaluate different heating products to achieve the best energy efficiency. Their choices also determine how well the product heats or cools their home. The following are FAQs about Heat Pumps Fort Wayne IN.

Do Heat Pumps Cool the Home, Too?

Yes, the process involved in heating the home requires the system to pull warm air into the property. This process is converted during the summer months. The heat pump pushes all the hot air outside of the home and produces cooler air via Freon. The compressor draws the gas from the system and pushes cool air toward the coils.

Does a Heat Pump Keep the Home Warm in Extreme Temperatures?

No, the heating option is designed to manage temperatures that aren’t below the rate of freezing. At any time that the exterior temperatures drop below thirty degrees, the homeowner needs an alternative heat source. For example, the property owner may install a fireplace to add extra heat to the property under these conditions.

What Thermostat Settings Reduce Energy Consumption?

For a heat pump, the recommended settings start with seventy degrees in the winter and seventy-eight in the summer. The temperature settings achieve comfortable interior temperatures without excessive energy consumption.

Does a Heat Pump Operate Longer than a Furnace?

Yes, this allows the heat pump to provide long-lasting heat within any property. The furnace must operate through its cycle before it engages again. This could lead to cold spots throughout the property. Additionally, the furnace is centrally located inside the property. This reduces the range in which heated air travels.

How Do Heat Pumps Compare to Central Units in Terms of Efficiency?

Essentially, the two products provide the same level of energy efficiency. The thermostat settings help the property owner control energy consumption. The savings generated is based on the property owner’s choices.

In Indiana, homeowners review heat pumps when choosing a heating source for their property. These products provide heating and cooling options. They reduce energy consumption and reduce the impact on the environment. Homeowners who want to acquire Heat Pumps For Wayne IN contact Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule an appointment today.

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