Get Yearly Maintenance and AC Repair in Toledo, OH

by | May 23, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

Even if there aren’t any problems with a home’s AC unit, it’s a good idea to have it serviced, cleaned, and inspected at least once per year to ensure continued efficient operation. As the system runs, it gathers dirt and dust in areas crucial to efficiencies such as filters and condenser coils. If left uncleaned, a home’s HVAC system can lose five percent of its efficiency per year. Below, readers will learn the importance of periodic AC repair in Toledo OH.

Why is it Important to Have the AC Inspected?

Though it may seem like an unnecessary expense to some, these inspections pay for themselves through increased efficiency and longer unit life. A yearly service call by an HVAC professional can help to reduce monthly utility bills by 15% or more while preventing premature system failure. A total replacement can cost thousands of dollars, and significant repairs can be expensive as well. However, a technician can find minor issues and resolve them before they become serious.

Consider Signing a Service Agreement

While it’s important to get a home’s HVAC system serviced yearly, many people forget to handle this important task. By signing a service contract, the homeowner and the HVAC company work together to ensure that the unit gets the service it needs. In addition to yearly tune-ups, those who sign service agreements get benefits such as:

Repair discounts

Priority status in emergency situations

Lower overall cost

Reminders before an upcoming service appointment

Learn About the Company

Overall, a service contract can help a homeowner simplify the maintenance and repair processes. When hiring a company, check its license and insurance information, along with its level of liability and worker’s comp coverage. By performing these simple checks before hiring, the homeowners can protect themselves from liability in the event of a workplace injury.

If a residential AC system seems to be working normally but the tech suggests costly repairs or total replacement, the homeowner should seek a second opinion from A-1 Heating & Improvement Co before signing a work order. With proper care and AC Repair in Toledo OH, a home’s HVAC unit should last for 15 years or more.

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