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Why is Humidity Control Important?

In some areas of the United States, humidity control can be as significant a problem as high temperature may be. Locations in the Midwest and Southeast are known for having extreme humidity in the summer. This can cause a jump in energy bills if a resolution is not found. When you hear about the “heat index” on the weather, humidity is what causes this temperature which might be many degrees above the actual temperature. Having the right equipment and AC service in Jacksonville Beach can be a large part of handling this issue.

How to Remove Humidity

Many central air systems can remove humidity from the air of your house. Other methods, such as ductless air conditioners or window units, usually cannot do so. Also, even with a central air system, a high-efficiency system is better at removing the excess humidity that can heat up your home.

There are a few reasons why this is the case. We’ll look at them below:

  • The air conditioning unit must be running to remove humidity. With smaller systems, there may be only an on and off mode to choose between. The higher-efficiency models often have various speeds and can run longer with less power usage. This gives them a better chance to remove humidity any time it is needed.
  • With the air being conditioned at all times with a high-efficiency central air unit, you also have less chance of stagnant air sticking around. This air can be a significant contributor to the formation of mold in the attic or walls of your home.
  • These systems can control the temperature in a more precise manner, which means there are fewer hot and cold swings. Those swings in temperature can cause more humidity to build up in the air.

Other Benefits of Humidity Control

While the comfort associated with less humidity may be enough reason to have your favorite AC service in Jacksonville Beach install a high-efficiency system, there are other reasons. These units are often much quieter, which is a perk when you are sleeping. They also use less energy due to the variable speeds available. This means you can save money every time you bring in the utility bill.

If you live in an area where humidity is a struggle, it’s a great idea to consider a high-quality air conditioning unit. Talk to your contractor about your options. Howard Services Inc. can answer any questions you might have about the transition. You can reach us at website.