HVAC Services in Hamilton, OH Help Households Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

by | Oct 15, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

Furnace repair technicians strongly encourage their customers to take the possibility of a carbon monoxide risk very seriously. They become concerned when a furnace is very old and they are called to perform repair work more often than should be necessary. A hairline crack in the air exchanger may occur after HVAC Services in Hamilton, OH have not been at the home for a while, creating a carbon monoxide hazard. This can lead to permanent negative health consequences and even fatalities.

Potentially Dangerous Decisions

Some households are far less vigilant about carbon monoxide than they should be. They cannot figure out how to pay for a furnace replacement through HVAC Services in Hamilton, OH, so they hope the old one will chug along for another year or two. They don’t replace the carbon monoxide detector when its lifespan is over, feeling angry that the device shuts down for good at a certain point. They figure they’ll quickly know if anyone in the home starts feeling ill due to the toxic gas, at which point they can shut the furnace down and open all the windows. Won’t that work?

Possible Serious Consequences

In reality, it’s often not that simple. Sometimes the gas leaks out while everyone is sleeping and nobody in the house ever wakes up again. Sometimes the substance kills a family pet before it has noticeable negative effects on the larger, heavier humans in the home. A person might develop chronic flu-like symptoms and never connect the problem with the furnace until going to see a doctor.

One disturbing development researchers have found is that the immune system seems to permanently damage the brains of some people poisoned by carbon monoxide. The effects of this autoimmune response are delayed and are indicated by reductions in learning ability and problems with memory.

Ending the Delay

Instead of delaying when a furnace really should be replaced, the homeowners should contact a contractor such as Living Comfort HVAC LLC and explain their situation. The company may offer payment arrangements through third-party financing, which is a common service. Low-income households may be eligible for government assistance in replacing an old furnace.

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