Why It’s Important to Schedule Annual Heating Services in Baltimore County MD

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In the heat of the summer, your heating unit may be the last thing on your mind. However, this is the perfect time to schedule annual Heating Services in Baltimore County MD. There are many reasons why an annual inspection of your heating unit is important before the cold months begin.

Lower Energy Bills

People often complain about their energy bills, but few do something to lower them. Annual Heating Services in Baltimore County MD is one way to keep your energy bills low. If your equipment is functioning efficiently, it won’t take as much energy to keep your home comfortable.

Heaters tend to become less efficient as the years pass. However, this doesn’t always mean a new system is in order. A professional repair company may be able to tweak the mechanics of the system, allowing it to work more efficiently. The end-result is a better-heated home and a lower energy bill.

Longer Lifespan

No homeowner ever wants to hear their heater needs to be replaced. The cost for replacing a full heating unit, whether gas or electric, can run several thousand dollars. With proper care and maintenance, however, you can expect your system to last 15-20 years.

During an annual inspection, the repair technician will look over all of the different parts of the system, from the heat exchanger to the thermostat. If something looks suspicious, they will repair or replace the part on the spot. This routine maintenance will ensure your system lasts as long as possible.

Safety First

If your heating unit malfunctions, it can endanger the members of your family. Carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires are often traced back to heating systems. A properly maintained heating system is less likely to malfunction. It’s also easier to pinpoint and repair problems before they get worse.

Homeowners should remember to schedule an annual inspection of their heating system during the off season. Maryland Heating & Air offers both routine maintenance and emergency repairs on a wide range of heating and cooling systems. If your unit is overdue for an inspection, don’t put off scheduling one any longer.

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