What to Know about Aire-Flo Air Conditioners

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Air Conditioning Contractors

Those who may be interested in making a brand new purchase of a cooling system may want to shop around and see what models are available. There are many types of air conditioning units, and each of them may offer something that another one does not, but the customer will choose what suits him or her. There are HVAC contractors that offer Aire-Flo Air Conditioners for customers in the Punta Gorda, Florida, area. Here are some things to know about this type of air conditioning unit.

Information about the Aire-Flo Units

Customers interested in purchasing the Aire-Flo air conditioning units will be thrilled to know the units have been around for over eight decades, which speaks to the reliability of the company. The units are so popular that, in 2013, they contributed close to two billion dollars in sales for the parent company. This should give potential customers security in knowing they are purchasing a product that has stood the test of time. This should also ensure customers that they are among many customers who rave over the brand.

More About the Aire-Flo Air Conditioning Units

Customers will also be interested to know that the air conditioner has a five-year, limited warranty, which should be registered online for the customer to take advantage of the full warranty. Aire-Flo is owned by Lennox and is rated as the company’s entry-level line with great value, a credit to area residents who already own the brand. There are HVAC contractors and other businesses that offer the brand among other top brand air conditioners. Customers who live in Florida may find the brand at selected businesses.

Where to Purchase Aire-Flo

AA Temperature Services, Inc. has been providing air conditioning and heating solutions for customers in the Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte, Florida, areas for a long time. Customers can buy parts for the air conditioning units at the company and get their units services by trained technicians. If there are any who are interested in purchasing Aire-Flo Air Conditioners or having them serviced, the HVAC contractor is available. Visit the website at Website for more information. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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