Pro Tips to Help You Care for Your Arlington Heights HVAC Better

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Heating & Cooling

To ensure your Arlington Heights HVAC runs well, you need to maintain it. Well-maintained heating and cooling systems not only last longer but they use less energy and lower your energy costs. Here are some tips to help you care for your HVAC equipment better.

Clean the Equipment

Heating and cooling equipment can get dirty like anything else in your house. Keeping it dust-free and clean doesn’t just make it look better. It also ensures better operation. Wipe down interior equipment with a rag once every month. Hose off your outdoor condenser unit weekly as part of your lawn care routine.

Service the Equipment Promptly

The worst thing you can do is not repair broken equipment quickly. When your heating system or air conditioner stops performing well, make an appointment to service it ASAP. The sooner you make repairs, the less money you’ll spend, and your system will last longer.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

You should schedule professional maintenance once in the fall before using the heater and once in the spring before turning on the air conditioner. Professional tune-ups check for potential problems, including lubricating and tightening mechanical parts and calibrating the system to run its best. Twice-a-year tune-ups also give you peace of mind that the unit will perform when needed, and you won’t cross your fingers during a heat wave or cold spell.

Change the Filter

Lastly, change the filter every thirty days. Regular filter changes improve indoor air quality and reduce wear and tear.

To schedule servicing for your Arlington Heights HVAC, get in touch with Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corp.

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