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A Properly Working Heating System In Bristol CT Will Keep You Warm This Winter

It’s a great feeling during the winter months to leave the cold outside and walk into a home to a warm and cozy environment. A Heating System Bristol CT that is properly maintained will keep energy costs low and provide a home the warmth and comfort it needs. It doesn’t matter whether the heating system is propane or fuel oil, remaining warm throughout the winter months is important to a family. In addition, to properly maintain a heating system, a homeowner can choose to upgrade their current system with a new energy-saving unit that will provide a reduction in their energy bill and improve the comfort of their home.


Just like an automobile, a heating system should have regular tune-ups and maintenance performed on them. Annual maintenance and tune-ups can include testing and adjusting the oil burner, checking all safety and operating controls, lubricate motors and bearings, clean the electrodes, pump, furnace, flue pipe and fan. In addition, a technician can perform smoke, carbon dioxide, and stack temperatures, and replace the fuel filter cartridge.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger in a furnace should be checked yearly for any signs of wear. This part of the furnace expands and contracts as the furnace is operating and can cause a serious fire or health hazard if it becomes damaged. If the heat exchanger cracks in an oil furnace, soot can travel throughout a home causing a mess, and a gas furnace could release dangerous carbon monoxide into a home.

Service Plans

The best way to make sure a furnace is operating at peak performance is by purchasing a service plan. There are three plans that provide annual service for home’s Heating System Bristol CT that fit into a homeowner’s budget. All of the plans include coverage or discounts for parts, labor, emergency service, ultrasonic tank inspection and much more.

If your furnace is new or old, regular maintenance can keep it working at peak performance. If the furnace in your home is more than ten years old, it might be worth considering the installation of a new furnace that will reduce your energy costs and help to pay for the unit. For more information, please visit us website. You can also visit them on Facebook.