Seasonal Upkeep for Your Home’s System for Heating in New Haven, IN

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Before you turn off your furnace for the spring, you need to ensure that it can last the next few months without running everyday. Taking care of it now can prevent you from having to have it repaired during the first few weeks of fall.

As you prepare to call a contractor to take care of your home’s heating in New Haven, IN, you need to be aware of what maintenance that your system could require. These task are some to have your repair technician take care of for you.Turning Off the GasIf you are done with your furnace for the season, there is no sense in you paying for natural gas to be pumped into it. Instead, you can have the technician turn off the gas supply to the furnace. He or she can also extinguish the pilot light.You need to remember to have the technician turn the gas back on before you use the furnace next fall, however. The pilot light will also need to be relit.

Seasonal Upkeep for Your Home’s System for Heating in New Haven, IN Changing Out FiltersIt is a good idea to change out the filters in the system after every season. The furnace filters can get dirty from dirt, dander and other residue. Changing them ensures the furnace can work reliably next fall.These tasks are some to hand off to a technician who services your home’s heating in New Haven, IN. Browse the site for more information.

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