Signs of Failing Heat Pumps in Fort Wayne IN

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

A heat pump is a crucial component in an HVAC system, as it moves heated air throughout the home against the natural flow. An air conditioner or furnace is a form of heat pump, and like other home energy systems, heat pumps will eventually need replacement. Homeowners should look out for the heat pump failure symptoms listed below.

Higher Utility Bills

The first sign of failure in Heat Pumps Fort Wayne IN is a higher energy bill with no corresponding spike in usage. Heat pumps are one of the home’s most frequently used appliances, and as such, they should use energy consistently. If the owner’s utility bill is rising for no reason, the heat pump may be to blame.

A Greater Need for Repairs

All mechanical systems suffer from the occasional breakdown, and with the amount of stress put on a heat pump, they are prone to occasional glitches. However, when repairs are needed more than once or twice per year, it’s time to consider an upgrade. These problems don’t resolve themselves, and eventually, the cost of repairs will be higher than that of a new pump.

Inconsistent Heating and Cooling

If certain parts of the home are too cold or too hot, something might be wrong with the heating or cooling system. Humidity is included in this category; if rooms are too moist or too dry, there’s a good chance there’s something wrong with the HVAC system. Although full replacement may not be necessary, evaluation is important.

Excessive Noise

In mechanical systems, noise signals an impending breakdown. This factor is important if a system has recently started to make noise, but if the heat pump has always been noisy, complete replacement may not be necessary. It may be possible to trace the noise to a certain part of the system, such as faulty ductwork or a broken part. An HVAC repair tech with Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning will check individual components before recommending full replacement.


All machines eventually break down, including Heat Pumps Fort Wayne IN. It’s best to change them every ten to 15 years; even if the pump is running well, a modern system is more efficient than an older one. An update can bring lower energy bills, and it’s usually harder to find parts for an old system. By changing the entire system, a homeowner can solve all of the above problems at once.

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