Signs it is Time to Call for Professional HVAC Services in Nashua, NH

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When it comes to home comfort, homeowners rely on their HVAC systems. Unfortunately, when issues arise, this comfort may be disrupted. It is essential for a homeowner to know when HVAC system issues are present and when it is time to call for professional HVAC Services in Nashua NH.

Inconsistent Temperatures

When an HVAC system is installed, it should keep the home at an even temperature during the day. If a homeowner begins to notice a change, or if they feel as though the system is sluggish, they should call for professional HVAC Services in Nashua NH. In some cases, a simple repair will be able to fix the problem.

Bad or Unusual Odors

Just as with anything else in a person’s home, if there is a bad odor coming from the HVAC unit, then it likely needs to be repaired. There are several smells that may be noticed.

If the smell is similar to rotten eggs, then this may indicate a natural gas leak. Don’t try to do anything except turn the system off and then contact the gas company.

Another indication of a problem is if a homeowner begins to notice a burning odor. This is usually an issue with the electrical components and should not be ignored. It is best to turn the unit off and contact the professionals to come to the home and take a look at the system.

The Appearance of Leaks

The HVAC unit should never have any water coming out of it. There are special parts and components that will keep condensation caused by the HVAC system from dripping or leaking. If a homeowner notices water near or around the system, it is a good indication that repairs are needed.

If a homeowner is in need of HVAC repair services, it is a good idea to contact the professionals. They will be able to evaluate the problem and find the underlying issue. This will help prevent the problem from getting worse and ensure no other issues are present. More information about HVAC system leaks can be found by contacting the staff at Harry W. Wells & Son Inc.

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