The Simple Premise on Which Furnaces in New Haven, IN Operate

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When it comes to keeping a home comfortable during cold winter temperatures, there are a number of different heating systems that are used, but most HVAC experts recommend Furnaces in New Haven IN for extremely cold climates. The interesting thing is the simplicity in which a furnace operates. Some HVAC systems can be somewhat complicated. However, a furnace is intriguing not only in how effective it is but how simple it is.

How the Air Gets Warm

A furnace provides warm air by simple combustion. One of the main components of Furnaces in New Haven IN is the pilot light. This is an ignition that ignites oil or gas, depending on how the furnace is powered, into a combustion chamber. This chamber becomes superheated. While this is happening, air is moved over the combustion chamber, and because of the heat, the air is rapidly warmed.

Dispensing the Warm Air

After the air has moved over the combustion chamber and has warmed up, it is then pushed by an induction fan through smaller transitions to build up the pressure. Then this air moves throughout the duct system of a home or business and is deposited through the vents in the HVAC system.


Because the combustion chamber creates noxious gases, another vital aspect of a furnace is the exhaust flue. This is separate from the air system and it is important that it is because the noxious gases that are created from the combustion of the fuel, oil or gas have to be moved away from the unit. Without this sort of exhaust, these fumes could get mixed in with the air that is being pushed through the vents, and the amount of noxious gases that could come into a home could prove to be fatal.

As you can see, it’s a fairly simple premise, but for years, furnaces have been an exceptional way of heating a home, especially in areas that experience brutally cold winter temperatures. In addition, since this technology has been around for a while, manufacturers have perfected furnaces to make them even more efficient. That’s why, if your home is using something other than a furnace or perhaps your furnace needs to be replaced, you may want to contact Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning for all your furnace installation and repair needs.

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