Stay Cool and Save Money Using the Right Air Conditioner in San Marcos

by | Feb 9, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

Cooling a home or business can be a very expensive task, especially if the appliance that performs this function is in need of maintenance or repair. One reason for this is the way that the Air Conditioner in San Marcos works. The standard AC uses a chemical refrigerant to collect heat. This refrigerant is compressed by the condenser which causes a state change in the chemical. This change lowers the temperature of the refrigerant so that it can collect heat from around the evaporator coil. Once collected, the heat is carried to the other coil in the system, the condenser coil. This coil is located outside the building so the heat can be released outdoors. Releasing the heat also results in a state change, and the cycle begins again.

There are various types of air conditioners. For example, the most common AC appliance in use is the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. This type of appliance has been in use for decades, and it seems to still be the favorite for most property owners. One reason for this is the consistent quality of air that it provides. The HVAC produces a steady temperature throughout the building so the whole space will stay cool. Most homeowners prefer this simply because they have other things to think about besides their Air Conditioner in San Marcos such as raising the kids or paying bills. On the other hand, it might be a great idea to spend a little time thinking about how to improve this situation.

One way to tackle the problem of energy conservation is with the split or ductless AC. Like the HVAC, the split system also uses an external condenser unit. This allows the heat to be released outside of the building and reduces the amount of noise that the homeowner hears. Using a split system gives the property owner a unique amount of control. This is due to the various blowers that are installed in the home. Each blower is placed in its own zone, and the homeowner can set this zone to the desired temperature. This implies that the home can have multiple zones and multiple temperatures, and this could save energy when used properly.

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