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Summertime: An Exceptionally Busy Season for Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX

Residents of southern and central Texas expect many hot summer days, but that doesn’t mean they want to swelter in the heat. Central air conditioning is standard now in this part of the country, and if the system malfunctions, residents want prompt Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX. Repair technicians become especially busy when the temperatures soar, as central air systems are forced to work longer and harder to keep homes and businesses cool.

The Austin area is hot in the summer, with July high temperatures having an average in the 90s, often hovering just under 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures typically don’t get below 70 degrees at this time of year, although occasionally people get some relief with lows in the 60s. Those hot temperatures continue into August. In a home of some 1,500 to 2,000 sq. ft., the appropriately sized central air system will run much of the time when the exterior temperature is that high and the thermostat is set at 76 degrees or cooler. If the air conditioning goes out while hot sun is beating on the house, the mercury can easily reach 90 degrees indoors within a few hours.

Area residents don’t have to endure the humidity that is common closer to the Gulf Coast, but the average humidity still is around 65 percent. That’s not particularly comfortable, especially with temperatures so high. It’s no wonder that fast Air Conditioning Repair in Austin TX is a priority at this time of year. The systems not only keep the air cool, but they also help reduce moisture in the home as well. Even more effective is a central air appliance that includes a whole-house dehumidifier, which can be installed by the heating and cooling technicians.

Emergency repair service is provided by companies such as J & S Air Inc. Their technicians make sure area residents stay comfortable during the long, hot summers. Having annual maintenance done on the system in spring often prevent breakdowns, since the techs spot worn parts and potential problems that may crop up when homeowners put a substantial demand on the appliance. Replacing parts, making adjustments and cleaning the system keep it in excellent working condition.