Three Signs a Property Needs Commercial Heating Service in Omaha NE

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

With winter approaching, it is a necessity to have a heater that functions properly, especially in areas with colder climates. Without one, residents of a property such as an apartment complex can be put at risk of health problems due to exposure to extreme cold conditions. It is important to address any issues with a property’s heating system at the first sign of trouble. Three signs a property needs Commercial Heating Service in Omaha NE are a heater that blows cool air, distributes heat unevenly, and has mold build-up.

Heater Blows Cool Air

One sign that a property needs commercial heating service is the heater is blowing cool air rather than warm air. Sometimes this problem is as simple as an improperly set thermostat. Residents should first make sure that their thermostat is set to the correct temperature. Another culprit that is an easy fix is a dirty air filter. However, some problems are more serious, such as problems with the pilot light and leaky ductwork. These should be addressed by a technician.

Heater Distributes Heat Unevenly

Another sign that a property needs commercial heating service is the heater is distributing heat unevenly. If residents are noticing that some parts of their apartment are not receiving as much heat as others, chances are there is a problem with either the air filter or the ductwork. The air filter is an easy fix, but the ductwork needs to be checked out by a technician who can locate any leaks or tears and fix them.

Heater Has Mold Build-Up

The third sign that a property needs commercial heating service is the heater has mold build-up. If the conditions in a furnace are moist for long periods of time, mold can begin to grow in the system. When this occurs, it is necessary to have it professionally cleaned. In addition, the cause of the moist conditions needs to be addressed. Typically it is caused by inadequate ductwork or poor insulation. These should be examined and repaired as necessary to prevent mold build-up in the future.

Accurate Heating & Cooling can provide Commercial Heating Service in Omaha NE. When a heater is blowing cold air, distributes heat unevenly, or has mold build-up, their experienced heating technicians can help. They specialize in servicing units in apartment complexes and will address issues that the property’s maintenance team does not cover. Visit us website today for more information.

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