Three Things to Consider When Deciding Between AC Repair or Replacement

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Perhaps your AC has been consistently having problems, or maybe it is old and not as efficient as newer models. If your AC is in some way deficient, you will probably find yourself considering whether it is best to repair or replace it. The decision is rarely an easy one, but you can determine the best option by taking the following three criteria into consideration. Whether you choose air conditioning repair in Jonesboro or replacement, hiring a professional is always the best route.

The Age of the Unit

One of the biggest factors in determining whether to repair or replace is the age of the unit in question. An older unit, of course, may not be worth the investment of repairs. This is especially true if there is any chance of needing further repairs in the future. If your unit is ten or fewer years old, however, it may be wiser to invest in air conditioning repair in Jonesboro than it would be to replace it. Be realistic in estimating the lifetime of your AC.

Potential Savings

Regardless of the age of your unit, sometimes replacement offers substantial savings. This is true in many ways: you may become eligible for a tax incentive when you replace your AC, or you might find that a more energy-efficient model reduces your bills. If you stand to save money in the long run by replacing your unit, it may be a good idea to skip air conditioning repair in Jonesboro and simply opt to install a new one.

The Warranty on the Unit

Generally speaking, if your unit is still under warranty, repairs will be the best route to resolution. If it is out of warranty, however, you may consider other options for repairing existing issues. You should check with your AC’s manufacturer before making a choice to verify whether or not any guarantees or warranties apply.

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