Three Warning Signs That Your Boiler Needs Repair

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Heating & Cooling

Many people are unaware that their water heaters are deteriorating until it is too late and cold water begins to flow from taps. To prevent this, you must be aware of the warning signs that will aid you in determining if you need boiler repair in Libertyville, IL.

Your Water Isn’t As Hot As It Once Was

The most obvious issue is that the water from the faucets and showers isn’t hot! If your showers aren’t as steamy as they used to be, it might be a clue that your water heater isn’t working properly. Sediment may accumulate at the bottom of your tank over time and insulate the heating components from the water, rendering them ineffective.

Many of these problems arise in water heaters that have been in service for many years. Flushing your tank (removing sediments) will frequently help, but if the issue continues, it may be time to replace your tankless or gas hot water heater.

Strange Noises

Normally, your boiler is rather quiet. Something is likely wrong if it begins to produce a lot of noise. Clunking, pounding, and whirring noises may indicate that the fan or pump has worn out and needs to be replaced. Whistling or gurgling noises, on the other hand, might indicate that your boiler’s water pressure is too low. An expert can check your boiler to determine the source of the issue.

Hot Water Pressure Has Been Reduced

Mineral deposits may wreak havoc on your water heater by reducing the pressure of the hot water. Buildup in the water heater’s heating components might lead to pipe blockage. As a result, the pressure of the water flowing from the water heater is reduced. Furthermore, an aged water heater results in decreased water pressure. To restore your original water pressure, you must engage a plumber to repair your water heater.

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