Tips for AC Maintenance in San Marcos, TX

by | Jun 25, 2018 | AC Repair

As spring turns to summer, having a functioning air conditioner becomes more important than ever, especially in the hot weather common in Texas. This is why AC maintenance in San Marcos TX is so important. With proper maintenance, your AC system will last longer and work better, keeping you cool during the hottest days of summer.

Air Filter Maintenance

One of the most common areas of AC maintenance is changing or cleaning the filters. If the filters on the air conditioner are dirty or clogged, it can make it so your air conditioner is 5 to 15 percent less effective. Check to determine whether the filters in your system can be reused or need to be replaced and at what intervals this is necessary so you don’t let them get too clogged or dirty. Some experts recommend checking the filters monthly during the seasons when the AC is most in demand.

Coil Maintenance

The condenser coils on an air conditioner need to be working properly because these are what turns the warm air into the cooler air that that air conditioner spreads throughout the home. However, these coils can get dirty and make it so the coils can’t function as well and might even cause the compressor to overheat and the air conditioner to break. Avoid a costly repair or replacement bill by getting the condenser coils of the air conditioner cleaned every year before the weather gets too hot.

Othe Potential Maintenance Needs

While the filters and the coils are the parts of the air conditioner than tend to need the most maintenance, other parts of the AC system may also need some attention from time to time. The coil fins can become bent and need to be straightened, the condensate drains can become blocked, and seals between the windows and the AC can become damaged and allow the cool air to leave home. Problems can also occur in the wiring and in the thermostat.

If you don’t want to or aren’t comfortable handling the maintenance yourself, contact us. We can handle all of your AC maintenance in San Marcos TX. We can also supply you with a new air conditioning system should that be necessary.

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