Typical Reasons Why Frequent Air Conditioner Service in Derby KS Becomes Necessary

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Many frustrated homeowners discover that they need central Air Conditioner Service in Derby KS long before they expected to. Heating and cooling technicians recognize a few main reasons why this occurs. The first is a situation in which somebody installed the central air equipment as a do-it-yourself project. Considering how complex this equipment is and how it must be properly connected to the heating system, it’s no surprise to professional techs that DIY-types have trouble with this project. A related problem is when a homeowner has a handyman or unlicensed heating and cooling contractor do the installation. These individuals are more experienced than the average homeowner, but they still may make errors during the installation that cause breakdowns sooner than would otherwise be the case.

The problem also can be with the quality of the original equipment instead of with the labor. A DIY-type or a homeowner who hires a handyman to install a central air unit is probably looking to keep the job as cheap as possible. That might mean buying a model that isn’t recognized as a high-quality brand. The parts may wear out faster or malfunctions may develop sooner than occurs with better devices. The cost savings may seem important at first, but repeated breakdowns later eat into the household budget. In some instances, the homeowner made this original decision because he or she would be selling the house in a relatively short time. The cheap central air conditioner then becomes someone else’s problem. The low quality of these products often is reflected in online reviews with a high percentage of complaints.

Technicians from a reputable air conditioner service in Derby KS do what they can to keep the system running efficiently without further breakdowns. They may be able to resolve any initial errors made during installation, and they replace components as necessary. Annual maintenance can help prevent the need for emergency service. When the unit is not longer repairable or the homeowner decides it’s time to have better equipment installed, a company such as Kelley and Dawson Service will make recommendations on the best manufacturers and offer installation by experienced, skilled technicians.

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