When Does a Homeowner Need To Replace An HVAC Unit With A New One?

by | Jul 19, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

You’ve noticed that your house isn’t as cool as it should be. You change the filters and adjust the temperature, but it doesn’t help. The unit runs longer and produces less cool air. You also notice that the indoor air quality isn’t good. Do you need a company that offers HVAC in McDonough, GA, to bring you a new unit? For what reasons would you need a new unit?

Reasons an HVAC Unit Needs Replacement Age

HVAC units pass their usefulness at about 10 to 15 years. Regular maintenance will keep it in good operating order, but it won’t make the unit last forever. If you’ve bought a house older than that, chances are good you’ll need a new unit.

Coolant Leak

Freon or R-22 is the coolant being used in older units. It stopped being produced in 2010 and will not be made past 2020. Since it’s becoming rare, it will cost more to have coolant put in your unit. In some cases, unit repair due to a coolant leak could be more expensive than a replacement unit. It’s comparable to a leaky tire on your car. At some point, adding air won’t do any better. You’ll have to replace the tire.

Low or Lack Of Energy Efficiency

Your power bill is an accurate reflection of how good your HVAC unit is. Newer, energy-efficient units save homeowners 20 to 30% on their power bill each month. If your unit is working harder to produce cool air, then it will be mirrored in your power bill. Low or lack of energy efficiency is the biggest reason homeowners replace their HVAC units.

Indoor Air Quality

An HVAC not only cools or heats a home. It filters allergens out of the air. If a family member suffers from respiratory problems and they’re getting worse, then a new HVAC in McDonough, GA, unit may be in the cards.

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