Where Hepa Filters in Ft. Myers, FL Should Be Utilized

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Warm and humid climates wreak havoc on individuals with allergies, making anything that can be done to relieve their conditions rather significantly. This is why many businesses look into the installation of Hepa filters in Ft. Myers FL. Benefiting both customers and employees, these filters can be built into existing or new air handling systems to filter out harmful particles. As dust and debris are captured in the filter, the cycling air is much more tolerable and allows people to journey through their day without suffering from constant respiratory agitation.

Keeping Interior Air Clean

HEPA filters might sound great for the home, but a standard forced-air system is not powerful enough to push air through them. These thick HVAC components are designed to supply the most effective filtration for high-powered commercial and industrial air handling systems in settings where air purification is crucial. Because of this, it is important to have an experienced contractor check or replace the filter every six months. Doing this ensures that the air quality stays within acceptable levels and greatly reduces the chance of airborne contamination.

Emergency Service is a Phone Call Away

Air handling units can break down at any time of day, and many HVAC contractors don’t work after hours regardless of the circumstances. Fortunately, there are companies like Business Name that provide 24-hour service all year. Rather than force their clients to suffer interminable heat or frigid cold, these contractors are prepared to tackle any HVAC malfunctions overnight, on the weekends, or even during a holiday. Customers can always expect timely service and the determination to return a malfunctioning system to its normal efficiency.

A Simple Tune-Up Keeps Air Flowing Smoothly

Getting any type of new HVAC component installed can be a major financial investment. To ensure that a property owner gets the most out of such a purchase, it is important to sign up for a routine maintenance service. At least twice a year a technician will visit to run a full diagnostic check on the unit. They also examine the interior components to remove debris, lubricate moving parts, and repair any questionable components. Additionally, the technician will inspect and replace all damaged or dirty hepa filters in Ft. Myers FL. This service not only keeps the unit running efficiently all year round, it also extends the system’s overall lifespan.

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