Why Does Your Heater Smell? What Smells Indicate The Need For Heater Service

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Heating contractor

Have you ever noticed a strange scent from your heater and wondered, “Why does my heater smell like that?” You’re not alone. Although furnace odors are rarely harmful, they can be – which means they’re always worth investigating. Let’s dive into the types of smells that might indicate that you need your heater service in Austin, TX.

Identifying the Scents: What Scents Mean for Your Heater

Here’s what those typical furnace smells mean and what you can do about them:

Burning Dust: Often the most common smell, it’s the first smell that comes to mind when your heater turns on after a while. Try cleaning your filter if it doesn’t stop after a few cycles.

Burning Plastic: Check your vents for plastic wrappings, toys, and other debris. If you can’t find any, it’s an indicator of overheating, a sign that you need heater maintenance in Austin, TX.

Oily or Smoky: Oily or smoky smells often come from oil furnaces, meaning your oil filter needs to be changed.

Metallic, Electrical, or Chemical: If the smell resembles something metallic or electrical, the blower motor or heat exchanger is damaged, preventing your heater from automatically shutting off. Turn off the furnace and inspect it for damage.

Burning Gunpowder: Any smell that indicates something similar to gunpowder means there’s a fried circuit board or fan motor, so turn off the furnace and call professionals for a safety inspection

Rotten Eggs: While natural gas itself is odorless, sulfur is intentionally added by your gas company to detect and address gas leaks efficiently. If you ever notice a rotten egg smell, it signals a potential problem with your gas supply. It’s crucial to promptly evacuate everyone from your home, including yourself.

Must or Mildew: When you switch on your furnace and detect a musty odor reminiscent of a damp basement or moist dirt, it can indicate mold in your air filter or humidifier.

Getting regular heater service in Austin, TX, is more than just a good idea; it’s necessary. Don’t let mysterious smells from your heater linger. Contact a professional heater service provider today to take action with their expert services.

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