Why Must You Maintain Air Conditioning Systems in Rehoboth Beach DE?

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

While air conditioners are relatively maintenance-free, there are some tasks homeowners will need to carry out to ensure their system lasts as long as possible and does not end up requiring expensive repairs. There are some tasks that can be carried out by homeowners and others that will need to be performed by HVAC professionals. This information will allow homeowners to better understand the proper maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems in Rehoboth Beach DE.

When an air conditioning system is properly maintained, it can last twenty to thirty years. The longer these systems can stay in working order, the more money homeowners can save on repairs and replacement costs. One of the most important steps a homeowner will need to take is to make sure they keep their filters clean. Though this is the most important maintenance step, it is also the most overlooked. Homeowners tend to forget this important chore and then their system begins overheating or being less productive so repairs need to be carried out.

Each year an air conditioning system is not maintained, it can end up losing 5% of it efficiency. Many of the quality air issues in a home are as a result of a poorly maintained system. If a homeowner has an HVAC professional care for their system each year, the system can retain up to 96% of its efficiency. This can save homeowners tons of money on cooling their home during the brutal summer months.

A yearly inspection will include the following:

  *    Coolant level check and charge

  *    Electrical readings to test the voltage and amperage

  *    Lubrication of all moving parts

  *    Thermostat cleaning and adjustment

  *    Airflow check

  *    Testing and oiling of the fan motor

  *    Fan belt testing

  *    Fan relay testing

There are many more aspects a full inspection of a system involves. Those homeowners who need to schedule maintenance for their Air Conditioning Systems in Rehoboth Beach DE should call the professionals. Visit  and learn about the maintenance services they can offer. Through these services, air conditioning systems can be kept in top condition so they can last longer and provide a higher level of service.

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