How Will Your Service Technicians Maintain Your Air Conditioning System?

by | May 11, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

You may have heard or read that you should maintain your air conditioning system regularly by organizing AC service in Helotes. You may wonder what is involved and consider whether you can achieve the same results by completing the service yourself. While you can complete some regular checks on your system, it does take an educated and experienced professional to be able to manage your air conditioning system effectively, to reduce your long-term bills.

What Will They Check?

Many individuals will have the capability of checking the condition of the AC filters. Where you can reach the unit without placing yourself in danger, you may be able to remove the filters, clean them and replace them in the unit or know when to change the filter for a new model.

Your AC service in Helotes will always check your filters for you, but their experience will show as they inspect the coils and fins which require regular maintenance so that your A/C system can work year after year.

Without organizing a regular maintenance and AC service in Helotes, you will gradually expect to see a decline in the quality of the unit’s performance and your energy expenses will increase.

Clogged and dirty filters rapidly reduce the system’s efficiency. Once air cannot pass through the filters effectively, the coil may become damaged, and this will increase your repair bill considerably.

The condenser coil and the evaporator coil will be collecting dirt and debris during their many years of working effectively. When your filters are regularly cleaned, or exchanged, this slows down the deterioration of the coil. The regular maintenance or service will ensure that these coils are checked and cleaned habitually.

The fins on the coils can easily bend, and this blocks the airflow which reduces the quality of the air passing through the system. Your service check professionals will identify this problem, should it occur. At the same time, they will clean your condensation drains ensuring that the correct humidity is reached within your room.

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