3 Reasons to Have Your HVAC System Repaired Now

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Air Conditioners

You’re sure that your residential HVAC unit could use some attention, but it doesn’t seem critical. The system is still running, so it shouldn’t hurt anything if you wait a month or two to arrange a heating and cooling repair for your Palatine home. In fact, you want to call today and make arrangements for that repair. Here are three simple reasons why a delay is out of the question.

Other Parts Are Wearing Out

Whatever type of heating and cooling repair you need now will only become more complicated with time. That’s because the part that needs replacing is creating additional wear and tear on other parts. If you wait long enough, it will not be a matter of replacing one small and relatively inexpensive component; you’ll need to replace several. Having the repair done sooner instead of later prevents unnecessary wear while also reducing the odds that the unit will fail.

You’re Wasting Energy

There’s a good chance that the system is using more energy since something needs to be repaired. The energy consumption is only going to get worse if you wait a few months to call for a repair specialist. Choosing to have the work done now gets the energy consumption back within an acceptable range.

You’re Also Wasting Money

Consuming less energy is important for several reasons. One of them has to do with your wallet. By choosing to put off that heating and cooling repair in Palatine, you will end up paying higher utility costs. There’s also the matter of paying more money out of pocket when that simple repair becomes more complex. If you are the type who prefers to save rather than squander money, having the repair done now is the only way to go.

Could your home system use a little help? The team at Five Star Heating & Air Inc. knows what to do. Call today or visit http://fivestarheating.com/ to schedule a service call. It won’t take long to find out what’s wrong, provide a quote, and get to work on the repair as soon as you give your permission.

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