HVAC Services: Responding To Seven Common Problems

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Air Conditioners

Sometimes, it is impossible to live without a fully functioning HVAC system. These integrated units make life bearable in hot and cold weather. Yet, it is important to remember the system does not function without proper care. Like so many other devices, it is subject to normal wear-and-tear. Companies providing HVAC services in Phoenix AZ are regularly called out to address a variety of problems.

Seven Common Problems

Professional HVAC companies understand the mechanics of various HVAC systems. When it comes to the causal factors of various problems, they are quick to recognize and tackle them. Three common problems occur consistently. These are:

  1. Obstructed condenser
  2. Blocked vents and registers
  3. Clogged filters
  4. Leaky or blocked ducts
  5. Leaking refrigerant
  6. Continuously running blower
  7. A malfunctioning or a broken thermostat

These all affect the optimal performance of an HVAC system. The first three influence the airflow and are considered the most common. In all cases, while homeowners may be able to recognize the issue and offer some suggestions, only the intervention of a company specializing in HVAC services will ensure the return of heating and cooling.

HVAC Services: Solving System Problems

HVAC systems are not impervious to both minor and major operating problems. Some are easier to resolve; others are not. At any indication a repair or correction is beyond your scope, contact the local professionals supplying HVAC services. They can come to your residence or business in Phoenix AZ and restore the system to complete functionality.

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