Avoid Expensive Appliance Replacement With Quality AC Repair Services in Dallas TX

by | May 13, 2024 | HVAC Contractor

Living in a state like Illinois usually means that concern about indoor temperatures is a primary focus, especially when one of the comfort appliances fails. A faulty appliance can mean that guests and family members become uncomfortable because most modern homes have a very limited airflow. The simple answer is quality AC repair services in Dallas TX, but things aren’t always that easy. For instance, when the AC fails, it could be a major problem such as a worn-out condenser or the loss of refrigerant.

The air conditioner uses a chemical refrigerant to collect heat from inside the building. This is possible because the condenser compresses the chemical, which causes a state change in it. One effect of this change is a lowered temperature that allows the refrigerant to accumulate heat. It can require a lot of energy to properly compress the refrigerant, and this can put quite a bit of stress on the condensing unit. Over time, this stress can result is the system failing because items such as the compressor get too hot. Keeping the appliance serviced can help because one part of this service is charging the refrigerant, and this chemical carries the lubricant that lubricates the condensing system.

One of the more common AC repair services in Dallas TX is cleaning vital areas such as the evaporator coil. This is not the same as washing the unit because cleaning the coil could require its removal, and this will require the extraction of the refrigerant first. Dirt and muck can collect on or around the coil because a side effect of the AC is condensation, and this moisture can mix with any dust that slips past the filtration system. If this stuff is allowed to build upon the coil, it could cause an area to freeze and this might rupture the coil.

The best way to reduce the chance of air conditioning failure is to have the unit serviced annually. Service should include cleaning the appliance, but it should also include the testing of any electronics such as the switches that cycle the compressor and blower units. Most manufacturers recommend that the appliance has its annual maintenance in the spring before the system is placed under a heavy load. Contact Xtreme Air Services to learn more about AC maintenance and repairs. Can also connect them on Instagram.

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