Finding Quality Residential Ac Repair In Georgetown TX

by | May 14, 2024 | HVAC Contractor

A new home AC system can be a sizable expense. Unless the homeowner is an HVAC expert, they should find a contractor for help in choosing and installing the right system. Below are several tips to help homeowners find a reliable local HVAC contractor.

Avoid Simple Mistakes

Homeowners should not choose an HVAC contractor out of desperation. If possible, the customer should evaluate residential Ac repair in Georgetown TX when the system is showing signs of trouble but is not completely broken. It is difficult to make a sound decision when the home’s AC is broken in the middle of the hottest part of summer, and it is important not to make assumptions. Not all contractors are the same, but with a little research, a homeowner can make the right choice.

Make a Short List

Home HVAC repairs can be costly. Just as a driver would get estimates for auto repairs, a homeowner should contact us to get price quotes on cooling and heating system repair. Ask friends, family and neighbours for recommendations and check local newspapers and telephone directories for advertising. Evaluate each company based on its level of customer service, its number of years in the business and other factors.

Get Estimates

When the homeowner meets each contractor in person, they will get an idea of the company’s reliability and honesty. During the estimate phase, the technician will diagnose the HVAC problem and put together an estimate. Each of these estimates should include at least two choices so the homeowner knows the contractor is not affiliated with a specific model or brand.

Call Past Customers

If an HVAC contractor is reluctant to offer the names of past customers as references, they should be removed from the short-list. A reputable company should easily be able to put together a list of satisfied recent customers. Call these references and ask questions about the quality of Residential Ac Repair in Georgetown TX and determine whether the contractor is courteous and professional.

Ask the State

Homeowners should know the state’s requirements for insurance and licensing of HVAC contractors. The state capital is home to a board overseeing contractors, and a quick Google search can yield that information. It is a good idea to check the company’s complaint record with the BBB to ensure that customer concerns are handled in a timely fashion.

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