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Celebrating the Cool Air of Celebration

How can you not love a town called Celebration? As one of Florida’s most recently established townships, having only been founded in 1994, Celebration more aptly describes itself as a community. Part of the community spirit is supporting local businesses that call Florida home. One of the local businesses happens to service a part of every Floridian’s home life, and that is air conditioning! Air conditioning repair in Celebration, as in much of the state of Florida, is something that occurs year round.

Designed by Disney

Celebration started off as a branch of development under the Walt Disney Corporation. As most people know, Florida is home to Disney World, the largest of the Disney Theme Parks around the world. Disney World is a mixture of four different theme parks, including the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom. As the most visited theme park in the entire world, it stands to reason that it would eventually branch off into creating communities. In fact, the city of Celebration is an example of Disneyworld’s vision of what Epcot Center stands for: an “Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow.”

The Planned Community

The city itself is what’s known as a planned community. Planned communities are a very common throughout the United States and the world. A phenomenon of economic, architectural and sociological growth, planned communities are built with a controlled population in mind to limit urban sprawl. As of yet, Celebration is not yet incorporated and shares a ZIP code with Kissimmee, with both being located Osceola County, which is only approximately a 15-minute car ride from downtown Orlando. Celebration communities are divided into areas called villages, and the community is home to just over 500 companies, including Smith’s Air Conditioning, a company whose major function is providing air conditioning repair.

Air Conditioning in Celebration

Air conditioning repair in Celebration is a hot commodity as the community is home not only to businesses and schools, but also to a variety of residences, such as condos, townhomes and single family homes. Florida is considered a subtropical zone, with mild winters and humid summers. In addition, the area is also susceptible to heavy rainfall as a consequence of hurricane season, which generally starts in June and last until mid-September. With these conditions, AC repair is more frequent since many units are in use for most of the year.

Celebration is a creation of “The Happiest Place on Earth” and a functioning air conditioning unit is one of essential functions to keep this community of tomorrow happy.

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