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When Commercial Air Conditioning System Repair in Folsom CA is Needed

When dealing with a commercial air conditioner, it may be difficult to determine the right time for repair. After all, the commercial air conditioner delivers cool air to an entire large building, so it can be hard to keep track of how well it is working in all areas. However, people who know the right signs to look for can save themselves a lot of worry over Commercial Air Conditioning System Repair in Folsom CA in the long run. The following signs are clear indicators that it is time to call for commercial air conditioning system repair.

It’s Just Not Cool Anymore

One of the most obvious signs that commercial air conditioner repair may be needed is that the air just isn’t as cool as it was. Maybe the air conditioner is working, but it just isn’t working like it used to. If the vents are wide open and all doors and windows are sealed, the building may still feel a bit muggy. This is a sign that something has gone wrong with the air conditioning system. It may be a small fix like the addition of Freon, but addressing it sooner rather than later is best.

There Are Strange Moans and Groans

One telltale sign that Commercial Air Conditioning System Repair in Folsom CA from a company like Golden Aire Heating & Air Conditioning is needed is that the strange noises have started. Groaning, moaning, screeching, grating, or any other odd metallic noise coming from the air conditioner is never a good thing. It may be as simple as a belt that slid out of its spot, or it may just mean that the inner components of the system need lubrication. However, it could also mean serious issues like motor bearing breakdown, so fast response is vital when those moans and groans begin.

The Air is Suddenly Stinky

A stinky odor is often a clue that something has gone wrong with a commercial air conditioning system. The vents are the delivery system for fresh cool air, but when something goes wrong with the internal wiring the air delivered will tend to have a strange odor. Often, this means that the wire insulation needs to be replaced, but it could also be indicative of mold growth.