How To Choose The Right Air Conditioner From An AC Supply in Bergen County NJ

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Air Conditioners

Almost everyone needs an air conditioner and the level of comfortableness they bring. Some may find confusion in picking out just the right one, however. Here are some helpful tips on how to pick just the right home air conditioner from stores that deal in AC Supply in Bergen County NJ.

Window Units

These types of air conditioners are generally the most popular because they are inexpensive and extremely easy to install. Advanced models may even have options that allow them to double as heaters in the cooler months. They will be packaged with accordion panels to ensure a snug fit in the window and may need a brace on the outside of the window for support, which may not be desired if the person is living somewhere such as an apartment complex.

Portable Units

These styles are great because they can be moved from room to room, eliminating the need for multiple window units if the dwelling is large and does not possess central air conditioning. They still require placement near a window because they have a standard vent to discharge hot air, similar to the clothes dryer. Most models come with moisture reservoirs for accumulated humidity but advanced models may come with a drain hose. One downside is that they tend to be heavy and are not as efficient as the newest window models.

Built-In Units

These air conditioners are permanently installed in walls of rooms that are not conveniently located near windows or that do not have access to the central air unit. They are also well-liked because they are not obtrusive to the decor of a room. They can be purchased at most stores that specialize in AC Supply in Bergen County NJ. They should, however, be installed by professionals as they require a hole to be drilled in the exterior of the home for venting purposes.

The best place to purchase any of the aforementioned models of air conditioner units is at an experienced specialty store such as They will have the necessary knowledge to direct the customer to exactly what type of air conditioner will work best for their home.

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