Common Causes of Strange AC System Noises and When to Call for Cooling Services in Edmond, OK

by | May 19, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

A noisy air conditioner is not only irritating, it can also be quite worrisome. If a home’s AC system has begun to make loud banging sounds and is hissing or squealing, it is best to call for professional cooling services in Edmond, OK right away. The fact is, noises like this are never normal and require the help of a professional to minimize the damage that may occur. Getting to know some of the more common sounds and the possible culprits can help you mitigate the damage that may occur and give you some indication of how to fix the problem.

Murmuring or Rattling Sounds Coming from the Fan

To fix these common sounds, a homeowner will have to open the air handler cabinet. Once it is open, they should use a vacuum to remove any loose debris that has gathered around the fan. Once all the loose particles are removed, the fan itself will need to be cleaned. If the blades seem loose, they should be tightened at this time. Make sure to examine the blades and, if they look bent, straighten them.

Grinding or Humming from the Blower Motor

The sounds that originate at the system’s blower are typically an indication the motor needs some lubrication. If the unit has been made with oil ports, a homeowner can fix the issue by adding some drops of SAE 10 oil to each of these. Recurrence can be prevented by making sure to oil the motor at the beginning of each new cooling season.

Buzzing Coming from the Outdoor Condenser Coil

If debris has begun to accumulate on the coil, the homeowner will need to hose it down very carefully. If it is loud, make sure to check and see if any of the aluminum fins appear to be bent. If they do, straightening them may help to reduce the noise, but no sharp implements should be used. This should help to reduce the noise.

Being able to prevent the need for cooling services in Edmond, OK can save a homeowner quite a bit of money. However, if the problem is too extensive, it is best to call in the pros. To learn more, click here.

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