Common Furnace Problems and Solutions

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Gas furnaces either use propane or natural gas as a fuel source to heat confined living areas. While gas is regularly referred as a costly method of heat, gas furnaces normally burn cleaner than oil furnaces. Furthermore, gas furnaces offer their owners with fewer repairs than oil furnaces. However, when hindrances do arise with gas furnaces, they are usually easy to recognize and are not exhaustive to fix.

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Furnace Does Not Create Heat

If your gas furnace is not producing heat, there are a few problems that can cause this, which include a shut control valve, a blown fuse or tripped circuit, a defective thermostat, or the pilot light is not working. While these problems are relatively easy to repair by oneself, it is recommended to have an experienced HVAC technician to repair these issues. Whatever issue the furnace is experiencing, the problem should be resolved within the same day. These issues should not result in a substantial repair cost either.

Furnaces Produce Insufficient Heat

If the furnace is creating less heat, the problem could be the blower is obstructed, the blower belt is loose, or the burner or filter is dirty. As with a furnace that produces no heat, a furnace that produces insufficient heat can typically be fixed on the same day at an insignificant cost.

Furnace Continues Powering On and Off

If a furnace powers on and then instantly turns off before creating a sufficient amount of heat, the issues can range from a blocked blower, a dirty filter, or an excessively dry motor. If the problem stems from a blocked blower clean out the blower and the immediate area with a vacuum. If the issue is due to a dirty filter, replace the temporary air filter or clean and reinsert with a permanent air filter. Lastly, if the problem is due to a dry motor, then the motor requires lubrication. With any of these issues, the service cost should be relatively minimal.

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