Three Major Issues That Require Furnace Service In Sylvania OH

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

A furnace, whether powered by gas or electricity, provides an easy way to keep a home warm during brutal winter weather. One of the best ways to keep a furnace operating efficiently is to replace the units air filters on a regular basis. While this can help prevent many issues, there are times when components will malfunction and cause the unit to stop providing heat. An HVAC company can provide furnace service in Sylvania OH and help restore the operation of the heater quickly. Here are the three most common issues that require the expertise and knowledge of a trained professional.

No Heat

When a furnace no longer provides a steady source of heat, it is usually due to severe issues with the internal workings of the heater. In gas powered units it could indicate a problem with the units burners, and in those that are electric, it could mean heating coils that are burnt out and no longer functioning. These should be replaced by a professional to ensure safe operation of the furnace unit.

Fan Malfunction

A furnace uses a fan motor to move air through the ductwork in a home. If the unit is activating the heating coils or burners but not moving air through the system, it is most likely an issue with the fan motor. Some heat issues can be repaired easily, but many homeowners opt to have the fun replaced, as it can prevent future problems and save money by reducing the number of future repair bills.

Thermostat Issues

A thermostat is designed to monitor the temperature of a home and signal the furnace to operate when the temperature drops too low. If one of the wires becomes damaged or if the temperature sensor becomes uncalibrated, it can cause the furnace to work unreliably. While it may seem that replacing the thermostat is an easy option, if the issue is with the wiring between the device and the furnace, it may require the skill of a professional who is trained in Furnace Service in Sylvania OH.

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