Considerations for Getting an AC Replacement in Tampa

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

An air conditioning system is one of the primary devices for maintaining a pleasant household environment. This appliance acts as a dehumidifier, temperature regulator, and filtration system. Over time, certain factors can contribute to the need for a new AC system. Use the following considerations to decide whether to get an AC Replacement in Tampa.

Age is one of the main reasons to get an AC Replacement in Tampa. The average air conditioner is designed to last approximately 12 to 15 years. When an AC system is within or just beyond this range, it may be worthwhile to get a new one. Before taking any action, find out if a warranty is still in effect on the air conditioner. This can be a factory warranty or an extended warranty. If there is not a warranty, it can actually cost more to replace one or more parts of the existing AC system than to purchase a brand new one. Understand that older AC systems often have more emissions. They also require more energy to operate, which can run up the costs of heating bills.

The number of repairs an AC system has had in the last few years is a key determinant on whether to get a new system. It’s a good idea to consider a new one if the existing system has had more than two major or three minor repairs in the last 18 months. A homeowner can try to perform a “patch job”. However, this is not a true repair. This type of fix can result in a hazard if dangerous gases leak into a home. Also, an AC system that does not maintain designated temperatures may need to be replaced. Before doing this, thoroughly clean the entire AC system. When this does not work, there may serious damage to the AC system.

Prior to getting a new AC system, it’s necessary for an expert to perform a complete assessment of the system. The results of the inspection plus the costs of installing a new one will need to be compared. For more information on AC systems, please talk to an expert like the ones at A-Able Air Conditioning. A homeowner can also visit website  domain to garner details about this company’s residential and commercial services.

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