DIY air conditioning installation in Cleveland Oh

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Air Conditioning Contractors

If your air conditioning unit is a new window unit, a few simple tools and an hour and the installation is done, the entire air conditioner is all wrapped up nicely in one box, all that has to be done is slide it through the hole in the wall or window and plug it in. This is not the case with split or central units, there are very specific tools and skills required to design and perform your own air conditioning installation in Cleveland Oh.

The best tips for undertaking a project of this nature is to prepare a plan, a very detailed plan that takes into account all eventualities. As with any DIY project, there must be a time window large enough to do the job without undue pressure which usually means cutting corners. Preparation is really the key to success; you need to have all the correct tools and material on hand before you start the installation. Although the competent DIYer will be able to perform the bulk of the work, there are certain aspects of the installation where professional help will be needed.

Air conditioning installation in Cleveland Oh is not a job for the typical weekend handyman. Air conditioning installation requires a lot of hard work and skills that not everyone possesses; working with copper tubing, plumbing skills, electrical and basic carpentry. Before the installation can be consideration, a unit with the correct capacity must be selected and purchased. There are a number of reasonably accurate calculators online that will help you select the right size unit based on certain variables, use one. One thing to take into account is the location of the compressor which is installed outside, it makes a lot of noise so get it as far away from the house as possible and practical.

As the duct work for cool air distribution is the same as the ductwork for warm air distribution in the winter, find a central point in the basement where the ducting lengths are somewhat common. The location of the central unit should also allow ease of access to the copper pipes, drain pipe and wiring that connect the outside unit to the inside components. Make sure the drain pipe does not allow for pooling.

It may be that the manufacturer’s warranty will be voided if the installation is not done by certified technicians.

A New Image Heating & Cooling have the skills, tools and material available for a perfect installation.

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