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Does Your System Need Air Conditioning Service in Farmington CT

Keeping an air conditioner working properly is vital for keeping a home cool during the summer. Unfortunately, issues can begin to arise that lead to problems with function. Knowing the signs of performance issues allows homeowners to know when they need to seek a professional for Air Conditioning Service Farmington CT. With professional repair services, a homeowner can prolong the life of the system and prevent further repair issues from occurring.

Warning Signs of Failing AC Systems

When a system is in need of Air Conditioning Service Farmington CT, there are certain signs that will begin to occur. It is imperative prompt repairs are carried out so the system will not continue to break down and become problematic. The following are some of the signs that develop when problems are occurring with a system.

One of the most common signs homeowners report is a lower cooling level. If a home is no longer as cool as it once was, there can be a few different causes, including the following.

• Clogged air filter

• Compressor failure

• Low coolant levels

• Clogged return ducts

If the copper line running from the condenser is hot to the touch, this means a condenser is failing or the coolant levels are low. Freon leaks need to be fixed immediately or the compressor could become severely damaged, resulting in the need for expensive repairs and replacement.

Further Issues May Begin to Occur

Air conditioning systems will also begin to make strange noises when they are experiencing performance issues. These noises may occur when the system first starts up or may begin as the system becomes taxed. If strange noises are occurring during operation, a homeowner needs to seek immediate repairs so their system will not completely break down and need to be replaced.

Homeowners may also notice their energy costs are rising when their system is failing. High energy costs outside of changes in weather need to be addressed by hiring a professional to come out and inspect the system.

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