Indoor Air Quality and Air Conditioning Repair in Lakeway, TX

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

While most homeowners understand Air Conditioning Repair in Lakeway TX is routinely needed when AC systems fail to perform properly, they don’t realize how repairs can impact a home’s indoor air quality. When an air conditioning specialist is called for routine AC maintenance or repairs, it’s a good idea to ask about evaluating and improving indoor air quality.

Why Is Indoor Air Quality Becoming Such a Big Issue

Over the past few years, property owners have gone to great lengths to reduce their heating and cooling costs. That typically means improving a home’s insulation and sealing air leaks. Those steps will, indeed, serve to reduce the cost of heating and cooling a home, but tightly sealing a home has some negative consequences as well. Those drafts indicated air moving between the home’s interior areas and the exterior. As sealing reduced air transfer between the interior and exterior areas, the levels of indoor pollutants skyrocketed.

Dealing With Indoor Air Quality Issues

With the same air simply being cycled constantly within a home, the levels of pet dander, dust, cooking odors, and even household chemicals in the air increase. Introducing some method of exchanging air helps to dilute the pollutants, but those levels quickly rise again once windows and doors are closed. Air Conditioning Repair in Lakeway TX won’t, by itself, rid the home of pollutants, but technicians are prepared to offer solutions that will significantly reduce the level of contaminants in a home’s air supply.

Taking the First Steps to Enjoying Cleaner Air

Homeowners are encouraged to use several strategies to reduce the level of pollutants in a home’s air. The first is to install a filtering system to remove pollutants. By using a name-brand system like those provided by TRANE dealers, most of the pollutants will successfully be removed. However, there are other steps a homeowner can take as well. Cleaning ductwork to remove built-up debris will make it far easier for the filter system to maintain air quality. Even taking steps like replacing faulty vacuum cleaners that don’t properly trap dust will help to minimize the amount of debris in the air.

It’s a good idea to discuss your home’s specific needs with an industry expert to determine which steps will produce the best results for your family. Browse the Website to get more information or to schedule an appointment with an expert.

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